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Sie können unsere Detensor Produkte auch in Ihrer Nähe ausprobieren oder sich beraten lassen.

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General Notes

All details relating to materials, sizes and weights etc. can be found in the handbook “The Detensor® Method by Kienlein® which is included in every shipment.

Claims are not accepted for incorrect and unprofessional use of the Detensor® product line. Prices and technical alterations are reserved by the manufacturers MKV-Detensor, Prop. Manuela Kienlein. Results, studies and publications may be partly viewed and downloaded from the Internet at

MKV-Detensor, Prop. M. Kienlein e.K. manufacturers in Germany and Switzerland.

The Detensor-Method by Kienlein and the products covered by patents are exported to 45 countries around the world. All scientific publications since 1978 pertain ONLY to the Detensor products.

Imitations/copies of Detensor products are not covered by the above publications. The use of plagiaristic products may constitute a serious and lasting hazard to health. Extreme caution is advised to the use of false or fake Detensor-like products!

Verification of the world wide registered Detensor® symbol, as well as the world wide registered conception of Recumbency Orthosis (Liegeorthese®) and Kienlein® is advised. Only the original Detensor® offers the inherent features referred to in the publications.