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The Detensor-Method

›› by Kienlein – since 1978

The human being spends about one third of his life in bed. This is an ideal time for rest and regeneration of the spine and to restore disc metabolism. Back pain is often a consequence of discrepancies between physical performance requirements and the actual performance ability of the spinal column. During sleep, deep relaxation of the muscles together with a neutral position of the spine help to normalise these discrepancies.

The Detensor® Therapy Systems are fabricated with water-processed open-cell polyurethane cold foam, possessing high elasticity and ventilatory features. The Detensor® products are in daily use in hospitals, rehabilitation centres and private households. The Recumbency Orthoses 18% and 5% are also used for the so-called “Anti-gravitation-therapy” for take-off preparation purposes and after landing in space flight centres in Houston / USA and Baikonur / Russia.

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