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Functional Principals

Optimal anatomical support of the spinal column is achieved by the Detensor® system’s high-elasticity. A heart shaped segment is found at point “S” (see fig 2) on the Detensor® system (to correspond with the small of the back). The segments above this point are inclined towards the head and below towards the feet. This results in a two directional / opposing traction force and leads to stretching of the spine. (see fig 1)

Studies have shown that an increase in body height of 2;2 – 2;8 cm is possible after 45-60 minutes of resting / lying on the Recumbency Orthosis 18% (RO18%).

Das Detensor-FunktionsprinzipThe Detensor® Method is a system designed for the relief and traction (stretching) of the spinal column during lying. This is achieved without the usual belts and harnesses.

Wwirbel Traktion
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With correct positioning, it is possible to achieve an approximate redirection of 18% of the body weight into a traction force. An additional 2% of traction may be obtained in the cervical region by correct placement of the Functional Cervical Support (FCS) The Recumbency Orthosis 5% (RO5%) may also accomplish 10% traction by following the special lying-down procedure.

Turning and rolling during recumbency lowers the effectiveness to approximately 5% traction force.

Wirbel Illustration
The core and the ribbed surface are custom designed to different body weights in order to fully utilise the surface elasticity to achieve maximum effect. The Recumbency Orthosis 18% is available in 4 different grades of hardness and the recumbency orthosis 5% in 3.